What’s this all about?

We are, all of us, meaning-seeking creatures. Why drives everything we do and makes us who we are. It is my belief that learning is key for us to live a fulfilling life. Learning makes you happy, humble and allows you to inspire others.

Learning is my passion. Whether it be creative, technical or physical it doesn’t matter, I’ll give it a go. Never has it been easier to learn a new skill. Yet, every day I meet people who are bored!

You would be astounded to find out how little effort it takes to become proficient in just about anything. With a little motivation you’ll find it’s not hard to transform those hours of consumption into hours of creation.

Here’s where this blog comes in. Here you’ll find a photographic blog of my daily life. As I learn I will also include how-to’s and advice on all kinds of topics. You’ll see successes, failures, highs and the inevitable lows. All in the aim of getting that ball rolling.




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